Kelsa Blaine

Internationally Published
Boudoir & Erotica Photographer 

Sex Positive Influencer 


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Kelsa Blaine is an internationally published boudoir and erotica photographer, a sex-positive influencer, and an artist. She loves weekends drowning in lingerie and giving confidence injections to dope humans. She is the founder of Shatter Studios (formerly Highline Boudoir & Erotica), a luxury traveling boudoir experience rooted in Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania’s only female-founded erotica studio. Her life’s work is creating safe spaces, experiences, and room for conversations that inspire others to love themselves deeper and manifest a life lived with purpose and pleasure. In line with this mission, Shatter Studios is also an educational and body-positive sensual wellness hub that fosters sexual empowerment for everybody and every body. In her free time, you will find Kelsa sipping iced coffee, brunching with friends, and traveling the world.

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  • Sex

    Kelsa artfully captures sensual reclamation on camera through 6 years of photographing over 215 transformative boudoir and erotica sessions with work recognized by the International Boudoir Photographers Association and published in Boudoir Inspiration, DOMINANTE Magazine, and others. Her personal sexual reclamation story of breaking free from a purity cult and learning sexual freedom through decades of research and self-exploration has landed her on numerous sex and lifestyle podcasts. She founded Shatter Studios, an educational and body-positive sex and sensual wellness hub that fosters empowerment for all bodies.

  • Wealth

    Kelsa grew two successful six-figure businesses before age 30. She earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2022 with a focus on business law. She has coached dozens of women and femmes on starting and streamlining OnlyFans to earn additional or primary income. Blending these experiences, Kelsa utilizes her knowledge to help others start or restructure their business in a way that remains true to their sensual purpose and deepest life desires, championing the phrase “follow your pleasure, find your purpose.”

  • Healing

    Kelsa believes in the power of people using their strengths to make empowered choices. Trained in Human Design and astrology, she has conducted hundreds of hands-on readings, linking them with astrological purpose and igniting a solid network of coaches, sex therapists, educators, and resources to help guide people, particularly women and femmes, on their healing journey intuitively.

Signature Speaking Topics:

  • How sensual liberation leads to life empowerment, fulfillment, and greater success.
  • Healing on camera: Stories of why people seek boudoir and erotica as reclamation.
  • Pulling back the curtain: What really happens in a boudoir and erotica studio? And why it actually matters.
  • Self-love and liberation: How using the art of empowerment leads to ripples of change.
  • Her personal journey of building a successful, woman-owned business and how she's managed to make more income by working less.
  • Breaking free from a purity cult and relearning what it means to be a sensual, sexual woman on her own.
  • Anything self-love, self-care, lifestyle, body positivity, and sex.