3 Things to Ask Your Best Friend to Make Sex-Talk Bearable (and Fun!)

3 Things to Ask Your Best Friend to Make Sex-Talk Bearable (and Fun!)

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s hard to talk about sex. 

Whether it’s because we feel suppressed by the way society has taught us to shame and shy away from it, or because we never had an open dialogue about sex in our family or friend groups, there are plenty of reasons why we might find talking about sex wrong. 

But as you know… we’re here to Shatter that shit. 

I remember the first sex conversation I had with my first best friend ever. I asked her which part of her body makes her orgasm. She immediately covered her face, blushing, and said “Kelsa, we don’t talk about those things!” 

I was frustrated. It was one of the last times I talked about sex for a very long time.

Normalizing these conversations is SO important. We connect on deeper levels with our friends and loved ones. We learn how to advocate for our pleasure in the bedroom. We shift the narrative by shattering the stigma that ripples into the world. 

We make talking about sex normal – because it is.

Here are 3 Sex Talk Prompts that you can ask your best friend next time you hang out. Grab a snack and wine or mocktails, kick back in your favorite comfies, and dive right in.

    1. How do you get turned on? How do you orgasm? 

    I learn so much about myself and feel so much more comfortable, normal, and not alone when I talk about the basics. Not all of us orgasm the same way. Some of us might feel deep, full-body orgasms while others might feel quick, explosive ones. We might get turned on by simply thinking of sex, or take a long time to warm up before going all in. You’ll find that everybody is different, and also in so many ways the same.

      2. When is the last time you tried something new, and how was it? 

        A solo or partner position? A new toy? A new partner altogether? Whatever it might be, talking about what excites us can show us how diverse and unique all of our sex lives can be, and even give us ideas for next time. 

          3. How does talking about sex make you feel?

            Oh yeah, we’re getting deep (no pun intended). This might even be a good question to start with. It’s important to check in when we discuss things that can feel vulnerable and scary. For some, sex might not even be that pleasurable to begin with (yet). Understanding and supporting one another where we are in our journeys makes these types of conversations fun, uplifting and supportive. 
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